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electronic accessories Our Products Range:

Our products range in Electronic Accessories include Audio Accessories, Video Accessories, Electronic Plug Pin Socket and electronic cable jointer.

Audio Accessories / Video Accessories  
  • Banana Plug W / Spring S / DLX 4mm
  • Electronic Cable Jointer
  • Casino Plug
  • EP Electronic Plug 3.5mm
  • EP Electronic Plug 2.5mm
  • EP Electronic Plug S / DLX 2.5mm
  • EP Electronic Plug S / DLX 3.5mm
  • EP Stereo Plug S / DLX 3.5mm
  • F Type Electronic Plug S / DLX
  • F Type Electronic Plug Wiring Big F5
  • F Type Electronic Plug Wiring Small F3
  • F Socket W/U Clip
  • P38 Mono Plug
  • P38 Stereo Plug S / DLX
audio accessories
video accessories
electronic plug pin socket

  • RF Electroni Plug Chasis FM
  • Sony Walkman Plug 0.07mm
  • RF Electronic Socket Chasis
  • RF Electronic Plug S / DLX
  • Sony Walkman Plug 1.5mm
  • RF Electronic Socket Chasis FM Contact
  • RF Electronic Socket S / DLX
  • RCA Chasis Socket W/color Ring
  • RCA Extension Socket
  • RCA Electronic Plug
  • RCA Electronic Plug S / DLX
  • RF Electronic Plug Box Type
  • RF Electronic Box Plug Heavy Duty
  • T Adaptor 3 F Socket

General Electronic Accessories  

Brass general electronic accessories are available as per customer's requirements and specifications.

general electronic accessories

We also manufacture audio accessories, video accessories, electronic plug, electronic pin, electronic socket and electronic cable jointer as per customer's specifications.

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